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T-Mobile tells customers to avoid iOS 10, blames connectivity issues

T-Mobile iOS 10

The rollout of iOS 10 is going relatively quickly for Apple, but that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. The update has already caused some people’s devices to be bricked, and now T-Mobile is warning that installing it can cause connectivity problems for some users.

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In a series of tweets posted this afternoon, T-Mobile warning any users of the 5SE, 6, or 6 Plus to avoid downloading iOS 10:

While T-Mobile only specifically calls out the iPhone 5SE, 6 and 6 Plus, it’s also possible the issue will affect 6S and 6S Plus devices as well. T-Mobile has said that it’s working on a fix with Apple, and that should be out within the next few days. So, if you haven’t already downloaded the update and you have a recent iPhone on T-Mobile, maybe hang on for a little longer.

If you have updated and you’re having cellular connectivity problems, T-Mobile recommends rebooting as a temporary fix.

This appears to be a completely separate problem to the iOS 10 update bug that Apple has already fixed. That was causing some iOS devices that were updated over the air to be temporarily bricked. Users had to connect to iTunes and do a restore, potentially losing data and taking a long time.

Despite the problems with rollout, users are still updating quickly. Around 14.5% of users had updated within the first 24 hours, up on what iOS 9 achieved, and still a pipe dream for Android.