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Pokemon Go cheat that lets you walk anywhere without jailbreaking still works after update

Pokemon Go Cheats iPhone No Jailbreak

Niantic released a Pokemon Go update for iPhone and Android that brings over the new Buddy feature, but also prevents rooted/jailbroken devices from playing the game. Niantic’s thinking here is that most Pokemon Go cheat apps will require a rooted device, so blocking rooted users would weed out cheaters. However, the best Pokemon Go cheat available on the iPhone still works following the 1.7.0 update. And the best part about it is that you don’t even need to jailbreak your iPhone to make use of it.

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One of the “problems” with Pokemon Go is that you need to do a lot of walking to catch them all. The game uses your actual location and the phone’s camera to provide augmented reality gameplay. But that means you have to dedicate plenty of time to Pokemon Go, and the experience might be annoying given the fact that tracking Pokemon isn’t as easy as it should.

So, one of the most popular cheats includes spoofing your location so that you don’t have to actually walk, bike or drive there.

That’s where this amazing hack comes in. Not only does it let you fake your location, but it also helps you decide which Pokemon to hunt. And you can do it all from work or school, without ever having to leave. Or without the risk of having your Pokemon Go account banned. Of course, cheating is bad and what have you, but this is just a game.

We have already explained how this Pokemon Go cheat works. All you need to do is install a fake app on your iPhone without jailbreaking your device. You have to do this every seven days, as the hack takes advantage of an Apple feature for developers who don’t want to pay the yearly fee. These people can create and sign their own iOS apps to then try them on their iPhones and iPads. In other words, they can install apps that don’t come from the App Store.

Once installed, you’ll be able to roam Earth and catch them all without ever leaving your chair.

YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice has a new tutorial video that explains how this hack works following the Pokemon Go 1.7.0 update for iOS. It’s really simple to install and use, but you have to make sure you do it through a computer.

A similar version of the app exists for jailbroken devices as well, but now there’s no need to go through all that hassle — especially considering that Niantic is determined to ban all cheaters.

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