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These stunning images might show what Apple’s iPhone 8 looks like in real life

iPhone 8 Release Date

iPhone 8 dummies are great. We love iPhone 8 dummies. In fact, we got our hands on one ourselves recently. These physical mockups of Apple’s next-generation iPhone give us a terrific idea of what to expect from the iPhone 8 in terms of the phone’s general design. They’re also great for comparing Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 8 with earlier iPhone models like the iPhone 7 Plus, which we did with our iPhone 8 dummy earlier this month. What these dummy models lack, however, is the fit and finish of an actual Apple product. Now, however, a new set of images may finally show us what Apple’s sleek new iPhone 8 will look like when it’s finally released next month.

Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 8 design is anything but a mystery at this point. We’ve seen leaked schematics, CAD drawings, mockups, components, and countless physical dummy units like the one BGR obtained earlier this month. Despite all those leaks, however, we’ve never seen the iPhone 8 quite like this.

German graphic designer Jonas Daehnert goes by the name @PhoneDesigner on Twitter, and he recently posted a few images that depict his vision of Apple’s iPhone 8. The images are based on the same leaked schematics and details that other so many other graphic designers have used to create iPhone 8 mockups, but Daehnert’s work is a cut above the amateur renders we’ve seen time and time again in recent weeks and months.

Long story short, these iPhone 8 renders are absolutely stunning. They show us a device that looks like something Apple might actually create.

Daehnert’s mockups imagine the iPhone 8 in both black and the new “blush gold” color that will supposedly be introduced this year, and they both look incredible. They also both use the display design we proposed back in June, which hides the ugly cutout at the top of the screen by keeping the space on either side reserved only for the status bar.

Check out two more of Daehnert’s mockups below.

Image source: Jonas Daehnert

Image source: Jonas Daehnert

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