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iPhone users report serious battery drain problem on iOS 10.1.1

Published Nov 28th, 2016 11:48AM EST
iOS 10.1.1 Battery Drain

If you’re brave enough to download and install an iOS update the moment it’s available, you might find yourself dealing with some strange battery quirks since the iOS 10.1.1 update. If so, you’re not alone.

It seems that some iPhone owners are finding themselves with batteries that spontaneously shut down despite their devices showing that they have plenty of battery left. As Forbes reports, the Apple support forums — which are always a great place to find early adopters who have discovered unexpected bugs — is teeming with iOS 10.1.1 users whose devices are dying with 30% or more of their battery indicator remaining.

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Curiously, many of the disgruntled users also report that upon reboot, the devices go from 0% battery to 30% instantly, despite having only been plugged in for seconds.

Many iPhone users on the support forums have suggested that it’s a hardware issue, and that a battery replacement is the only sure-fire way to cure the strange issue. However, as noted by PhoneArena, the number of people reporting the issue immediately after installing iOS 10.1 is striking. Some even claim that multiple of their devices began experiencing the same issue simultaneously upon downloading the update.

iOS 10.1.1 initially rolled out on October 31, only to be replaced with a different 10.1.1 download on November 9, which was only downloadable for those who hadn’t already updated. iOS 10.2 Beta 3 has been available for those in the test program for a couple of weeks already. If the strange battery behavior is indeed a symptom of a bug in the operating system, hopefully it will be rectified once the new iOS update makes its debut.