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Under Armour showed me the future of fitness tech

Armed with little more than a fitness band, a well-made iPhone app, a pair of sneakers and some will power, I lost 50 lbs in three months last winter. I have gone on to lose >>

I wish the iPhone had copied HTC instead

There are so many things that HTC used to be so good at, but several of the company’s strengths have become weaknesses in recent years. I’m not just talking about selling phones, though >>

Leak: This is HTC’s iPhone

Samsung created a top secret 132-page document to show its engineers how to copy the iPhone pixel by pixel, and the company still never managed to pull off anything that was anywhere near >>

HTC’s downward spiral accelerates

Say a prayer for HTC — it’s entered the same black hole that once consumed BlackBerry and Nokia. Per The Guardian, HTC last quarter suffered a net loss of Tw$8 billion (USD$253), the company’s >>