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Leak: This is HTC’s iPhone

Samsung created a top secret 132-page document to show its engineers how to copy the iPhone pixel by pixel, and the company still never managed to pull off anything that was anywhere near >>

HTC’s downward spiral accelerates

Say a prayer for HTC — it’s entered the same black hole that once consumed BlackBerry and Nokia. Per The Guardian, HTC last quarter suffered a net loss of Tw$8 billion (USD$253), the company’s >>

2015 has been absolutely gruesome for HTC

HTC is in a lot of trouble, and that’s putting it mildly. Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo has done a thorough rundown of why 2015 has been a total disaster for HTC, which wasn’t >>

Things are going poorly for HTC. Very, very poorly

Want more proof that the HTC One M9 has been a complete disaster so far? Look no further than HTC’s own monthly revenues for May 2015. In total, HTC hauled in NT$10.8 billion in >>