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Man dressed as Jesus arrested after refusing to leave Apple Store

Philly Jesus Arrested At Apple Store

Even the most hardcore Apple haters out there would have a tough time believing the company would turn away Jesus from one of its stores. And yet, that’s sort of what happened at an Apple Store in Philadelphia when a man known locally as “Philly Jesus” was arrested for refusing to leave after being asked multiple times. WPVI-TV in Philadelphia reports that Philly Jesus, whose real name is Michael Grant, was also arrested back in 2014 for refusing to leave Dilworth Plaza, where he had decided to go ice skating in his full Jesus attire.

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Here is a photo of Philly Jesus being arrested, courtesy of Instagram user Jen A. Miller:

It’s hard to keep a good false messiah down, however, and Philly Jesus was freed less than a day after his harrowing arrest. He wasted no time telling the world on Twitter:

It’s only appropriate that Philly Jesus get arrested in an Apple Store, of course, since the most hardcore Apple fans view using the company’s technology as something of a religious experience. And hey, if you’re going to win converts, you might as well go where the heathens are. Perhaps he can broaden his reach by designing his own Apple Watch app?

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