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Want to dump your iPhone and switch to Android? Here’s everything you need to know

iPhone to Android: How to Switch

While many smartphone users might be considering a switch over from Android to iPhone – and recent sales data shows the iPhone 6 is a great incentive for doing that – others are interested in doing the exact opposite. Leaving behind one smartphone platform for another isn’t as simple a task as it may sound, especially if you want to take most of your data with you. However, Re/code has put together a neat guide that tells you how to move your most important data over from an iPhone to Android, including contacts, music, photos and even apps.

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Some Android device makers already offer simple ways of moving the data for you, including Motorola, HTC and Samsung. If that’s not the path you want to take, you can always move things manually, after backing them up.

The guide shows you various methods of saving your contacts and importing them to Android. The same goes for moving your music library over to its new home, and transferring all those precious photos you have stored on the iPhone.

Some tasks are easy, such as moving contacts over. Others might be more complex, especially if you have a large amount of music or lots of photos and videos that need to be ported over to the new Android device.

The only thing you can’t really do is transfer your app purchases from iOS to Android. As the blog notes, it’s really easy to move free apps over to Android, including email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kindle and many others. However, premium apps will need to be purchased again on Android, of course. And some specific Apple apps and features won’t be available on Android, such as Apple Pay, though you can try out Google’s own mobile payments solution.

The full guide is available at the source link, complete with step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help you along the way.

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