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Here’s what happens when a diehard Android fan uses the iPhone 6 for two straight weeks

October 3rd, 2014 at 3:51 PM
iPhone 6 Vs. Android Phones

There’s a difference between being a fan and a fanboy. Whereas a fanboy absolutely cannot see the value in any rival companies’ products, a fan will actually acknowledge that rivals’ products do have some real appeal even while preferring to stay with their own favorite brand. Droid Life’s Kellex squarely falls into the “Android fan” category and he’s just posted a sharp essay on the iPhone 6 after he spent two weeks using the device. His conclusion is that while he thinks the iPhone 6 is a fantastic phone and that he sees why so many people have chosen to buy it, he does not understand why the device is generating such a borderline religious fervor from its users.

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“If there are two conclusions that I can take from this experience, it’s that I now understand why millions upon millions of people want this phone each year, but also that I am still confused at the obsessive, often times obnoxious, need for all-things-Apple, especially involving the iPhone,” he writes. “This is a nice phone, don’t get me wrong. However… you should not stand in lines for days to own one.”

From there, he goes through all of the iPhone 6’s features and in particular finds that he loves the simplicity and ease of use of the device’s camera while also showering praise on its display quality and battery life. However, when the rubber meets the road, he finds that the device is still too locked down and doesn’t offer nearly as many customization options as Android phones do.

“I feel like with this iPhone, I’m using someone else’s phone and that I can’t actually make it my own,” he writes. “The only controls I have are how many apps I want in a folder, how many folders I want on a screen, and the arrangement of those folders and their surrounding apps… It’s obvious that Apple has created an experience that they feel is the best for everyone, except they forgot about the tinkerers of the world and those of us who want ultimate control, who want to customize a phone’s experience, and who don’t want to be told that their phone should be used a certain way.”

Kellex’s whole review is very much worth reading and can be found at the source link below.

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