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These are the 5 major iOS 8 features that you can’t even use yet

iOS 8 Features: iCloud Drive

Apple already released iOS 8 to the masses, with the new mobile operating system having been made available to users who have at least 2011 iOS hardware (iPhone 4S or iPad 2) and later models. But iPhone and iPad owners will easily discover that some major iOS 8 features aren’t actually available yet, or not functional at full capacity for the time being.

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iCloud Drive

Apple’s alternative for Google Drive or One Drive, iCloud Drive, is available to all iOS 8 and Yosemite users. However, activating iCloud Drive right away, before Yosemite comes out, will mean you won’t be able to really take advantage of it when it comes to transferring files or syncing some apps that rely on iCloud functionality – and many app developers have warned users not to move to iCloud Drive just yet.

Handoff (Continuity)

One of the best iOS 8 features is Handoff, or Continuity, allowing users to seamlessly move back and forth between devices running iOS and OS X without having to stop using a certain app. However, the feature only works either iOS 8 to iOS 8 or iOS 8 to Yosemite. The latter option isn’t available to anyone not on a Mac running Yosemite. Even if users are already testing Yosemite beta, they won’t get to bounce regular text messages from their iOS 8 iPhone to the Mac (or iOS 8 iPad) until October, when Apple activates the feature. Placing calls from an iPad running iOS 8 that’s in the vicinity of an iOS 8 iPhone seems to work though.

Health and HealthKit

Apple’s focus on Health is easily seen in iOS 8, as the company plans to help users better keep track of fitness and health. However, the company has encountered some HealthKit issues, which prompted it to remove apps using HealthKit from the App Store until a fix is found. Apps packing HealthKit features will likely be available come October.


In addition to Health, Apple is also focusing on a connected home in iOS 8. However, while developers are likely to include HomeKit functionality in various apps, you won’t have a dedicated app for your home inside iOS 8, and you won’t feel this functionality is even present unless you actively search for HomeKit-enabled apps and connected home devices.

Apple Pay

The last major iOS 8 feature not available to iOS 8 users yet is Apple Pay. Users can save credit cards in Passbook (as this video shows) but contactless payments aren’t here yet. Apple Pay will be only available in October, following an iOS 8 update that’ll likely fix all these “issues,” and only on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at first. Other iPhones will join in 2015, once the Apple Watch launches – obviously only when connected to an Apple Watch.

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