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Viral video shows what happens when you douse a Big Mac with molten copper

Updated 4 years ago
Published Mar 15th, 2016 10:30PM EDT

The Internet is wonderful because everyone who has a strange hobby can film it and become an instant celebrity on YouTube. YouTube user Tito4re, for example, seems to really enjoy taking food and drenching it in molten copper. We recently highlighted his video showing what happens when you pour molten copper onto a jawbreaker and now he’s back with a new video that shows what happens when you pour molten copper onto a Big Mac.

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It goes without saying that the Big Mac doesn’t hold up under pressure as well as the jawbreaker did. Initially the molten copper seemed to bounce off the top of the Big Mac’s hamburger bun, which raised fears that McDonald’s signature sandwich is immune to the powers of liquid metal with a temperature of  1,984 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, the burger soon collapsed under the molten copper’s relentless assault — its buns caught fire and turned to ash while its beef patties shriveled into little black hockey pucks. By the end of the video, the experiment brings a new meaning to the term “well done burger”:

Check out the whole thing for yourself below and don’t try it at home.


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