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Leaked mockup may show us the final design of the iPhone 6

Updated 4 years ago
Apple iPhone 6 Mockup

OK, so we’ve seen some of the wild iPhone 6 concepts out there that have zero chance of becoming a reality. Now let’s take a look at a mockup of the iPhone 6 that actually looks like it could be the real thing. MacRumors points us to some new physical mockups posted on Italian blog Macitynet that may give us a look at the final design of the iPhone 6.

Macitynet says that the mockup was done for the benefit of manufacturers who need a physical dummy to use for designing new accessories such as smartphone cases and screen covers. The design of the mockup is very close to the designs we’ve seen in leaked schematics that show a device with rounder edges as well as a power button that’s been relocated to the side of the device. Macitynet acknowledges that companies get several such mockups during the design process as Apple cycles through different ideas but it’s convinced based on other recent leaks that this is the final one.

MacRumors says that the mockup shown in the picture appears to be of the smaller iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch display mostly because it looks much smaller in the pictured user’s hand than a giant phablet would. Of course, there’s also the possibility that the person in the picture has gigantic hands but for now we’ll concur with MacRumors‘ assessment.

The leaked picture of the mockup follows below.

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