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Peter Dinklage says Game of Thrones’ final season is so epic that ‘you are in for it. Truly.’

Published Sep 14th, 2018 8:30PM EDT
Game of Thrones Season 8
Image: HBO

Another day, another bit of hype from a Game of Thrones actor for the final season of HBO’s celebrated series that we still have to wait another year for.

This time, the tantalizing hints are dropped thanks to Peter Dinklage, who of course plays Tyrion and was questioned by a reporter while Peter was at the world premiere of his new film I Think We’re Alone Now. The reporter wanted to know — can the show possibly top the Battle of the Bastards? Referring to the insane ninth episode of the show’s sixth season, which critics hailed as a truly epic episode with an amazing battle that featured, according to an IGN reviewer, a “phenomenal clash of sword and shield.” It included “so many great, ferocious moments,” that review noted, “from Jon facing down Ramsay’s arrows with a shield at the end, to Tormund killing Smalljon Umber in a fittingly intense manner, to the giant Wun Wun using his last breaths to break down the Winterfell gate.”

So, back to the reporter’s question. Peter, can you guys top that episode in the coming season? Here’s what Peter said in response:

“Oh my god, and then some. You are in for it. Truly.”

(BRB, going to go to sleep now and just — wake me up when it’s 2019 and time for the new series). In all seriousness, GoT news site speculates Peter’s response could be a reference to the fact that Season 8’s production work included filming a battle sequence that spanned 55 straight nights. “Film crews worked on location at Moneyglass” the site notes, “where the set for Winterfell is located, at Magheramorne Quarry, where an enormous green screen was erected, and at Saintfield, where Battle of the Bastards was filmed in season 6. Apparently, the idea for this incredible battle sequence was to splice the shots from each location together, for one huge scene.”

Check out this note that cast and crew members got after that 55-night sequence was finished being filmed:

In related but sort of unrelated news, the internet also kind of freaked this week when it seemed like some of the production team might have accidentally spilled the beans on news about Tyrion. They were addressing reporters backstage at the Creative Arts Emmys, when visual effects wiz Steve Kullback leaned into the mic to say, “And we can’t tell you in what episode Tyrion dies.

“Or doesn’t.”

As a reminder, the final season will debut sometime in early 2019.

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