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The new MacBook Pro is selling like crazy

MacBook Pro Sale

Apple’s new MacBook Pro didn’t get the best reception when it was launched, thanks to a price hike and a rather courageous selection of new ports. But that doesn’t seem to have dissuaded all the wannabe Pros out there, because some data is showing the new MacBook Pro selling weirdly fast.

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Slice Intelligence uses data from electronic shopping receipts to track online purchases. It uses that information to try and work out how many products are selling and to who. Its data looks good for Apple: four times more revenue has been made fromMacBook Pros in two weeks than Surface Books have generated in a year. Revenue from the new Pros is even closing in on the 12-inch MacBook, which has been on sale since April last year.

Now, total sales (in terms of volume) may not be as big as you’d think. Although Apple hasn’t disclosed numbers, the nicer 15-inch Pros are far more expensive than most laptops, typically costing around $3,000. The data also only reflects online sales (or those with an emailed receipt), and the same professional users who would spend three grand on a laptop are also more likely to buy it online, compared to people using the 12-inch MacBook, or any other laptop you’d wander into Best Buy and purchase.

Still, the numbers look good for a laptop that many people (including me!) thought would be too niche to appeal to a wide audience. We’ll have to wait for Apple’s next set of financials to see the effect on the company’s broader MacBook financials. But for now, it’s clear that the MacBook Pro isn’t a flop, at the very least.