As a Jura coffee machine owner on and off over the last 10 years or so, I was eager to give the company’s new ENA Micro 90 a go. While I used to use larger super-automatic models like the C9, I have gravitated to the ENA line out of footprint size. I don’t drink more than one to two cups a day, I don’t have to make coffee for more than myself and my wife, and I’m fine with not having manual control over something like the milk frother. The ENA Micro 90 improves many things about the ENA models that came before it. It’s a full-featured machine that includes new features such as Jura’s P.E.P. — pulse extraction process. This dramatically affects the espresso’s final product by utilizing 15 bars of pressure, higher than the minimum of around 10 bars, and pulsing the water into the coffee grounds lending a much more robust and rich flavor.

I myself like making cappuccinos while my wife likes lattes, and making them both is a real treat. You first put your coffee cup below the adjustable spigot, connect your milk frothing pipe, press whichever coffee style you would like, and wait around a minute.

Looking at the hardware of the machine, it’s not too big at 9.1” x 17.5” x 12.7 and around 20 pounds.

I do find that the water reservoir size is a bit on the smaller side but that’s obviously due to the small amount of space the machine takes up on your counter and is one of the necessary tradeoffs. The same goes for the coffee bean hopper on top, but with my use, I don’t have to reload it more than once every week or so.

I use the Jura water filter and find that replacing it at the suggested two month intervals works nicely for me.

The Jura ENA Micro 90 features a ceramic burr grinder with five adjustable settings.

I asked David Shull, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing what were the recommended settings:

Because people have different tastes, JURA machines offer a variety of settings, all of which can be used with any type of coffee bean. Our preprogrammed
settings represent the most popular choices for brew strength and the number of ounces of coffee and milk for each specialty coffee beverage. For anyone who
wants a customized brew – stronger or milder, bigger or smaller, with a different ratio of coffee to milk – the machines make it easy to program your specialty just the way you want.

What is the market positioning of the ENA Micro 90, and what are its target demographics?

The ENA Micro 90 fits into JURA’s Entry Level range, because of its simplicity, compact design and easy, self-explanatory operation. This modern one-cup
machine has wide appeal, preparing a full range of specialties, from latte macchiato, cappuccino and milk foam to coffee, espresso or hot water – at the touch of a button.

The JURA ENA Micro 90 targets coffee lovers who want to experience barista-style quality at home. It targets Millennials with its trend-forward design,
unsurpassed coffee quality and outstanding energy efficiency. Because of its simplicity and compact size, it also appeals to downsizing Boomers and those
with smaller kitchens and less counter space.

Is there a general number on how many cups of coffee customers can make on Jura machines a day?

JURA’s recommended daily usage for the ENA Micro 90 is up to 30 cups per day. For the GIGA 5, a super-premium model, this is up to 75 cups per day. JURA machines are designed to operate 24/7 with proper maintenance. The user will need to refill water, add beans and empty the coffee grounds when prompted.