Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a massive hit for Disney, which managed to keep a tight lid on plot leaks. Going into the movie, we didn’t even know Luke would make an appearance — and that cliffhanger left us with many unanswered questions.

The good news is that we’re going to get answers to those burning questions as soon as Episode VIII starts.

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What is Luke doing on that god-forsaken planet? Is he Rey’s father? Why is Rey so gifted with the Force, and why was she abandoned as a child? Luke surely knows who she is, or at least he doesn’t show any sign of surprise when she hands him that lightsaber.

“This movie is going to start right where the last one left off,” Episode VIII director Rian Johnson said, according to the official @StarWarsUK channel.

That appears to be a rather cryptic message, but if you’ve seen The Force Awakens then you know how the last one left off.

Luke didn’t say a word during that climatic ending, so we expect him to explain himself to Rey as soon as Episode VIII begins, at least according to what Johnson said.

Shooting has completed for the movie, but we don’t have an official name for the upcoming Star Wars picture and we’re probably going to have to wait a while before we get to see the first trailer.