The iPhone’s price may not have changed in the past few years, as Apple is still looking to maintain its high margins on its best-selling product. But Apple and its carrier partners have found all sorts of methods of making it look affordable. If you’re already planning to buy the iPhone 7 when it comes out this fall, you better make sure you check out AT&T’s offers. Feeling the pinch from T-Mobile’s aggressive pricing schemes, the carrier is reportedly working on some strong promotions for Apple’s newest iPhone family.

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Thanks to its Uncarrier initiatives, T-Mobile has seen an impressive growth in recent quarters at the expense of the competition. AT&T has been hurt the most, and it’s looking to prevent similar losses in the future. In the first quarter, T-Mobile gained 877,000 postpaid phone subscribers, while AT&T lost 363,000. Verizon only lost some 8,000 customers, and even Sprint gained subscribers (22,000 in total).

As such, AT&T is “loading the cannons,” Nomura Securities says, and that includes offering great iPhone 7 promotions this fall.

“We believe AT&T is loading the cannons to defend a slightly lower-tier slice of its mobile subscriber base,” Nomura analyst Jeffrey Kvaal wrote in a research report seen by Investor’s Business Daily News. “We expect strong second-half promotions across mobile and DTV, including Sunday Ticket, DTVNow, and the new Apple iPhone.”

Naturally, the iPhone 7 promotions will likely be the most popular products this fall, when the phone launches. That doesn’t mean AT&T will be the only carrier to watch this fall when Apple starts selling the new iPhone. T-Mobile will certainly come out with great offers for new buyers, just as it did last year, and it’s likely Sprint, and Verizon won’t watch from the sidelines.