It’s early 2016, which means we have plenty of ground to cover before Apple releases the iPhone 7 series of handsets. Even so, the first pictures allegedly showing components for the upcoming generation of iPhones are already here – though don’t expect any huge revelations just yet.

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As has been the case in previous years, these first leaked photos come our way via Nowhereelse and, constant sources of accurate iPhone leaks in the past.

The images seem to show the iPhone 7’s LCD backlight, which appears to be quite different from the corresponding iPhone 6s part, at least according to the comparison shots provided by Nowhereelse.

The LCD backlight for the iPhone 7 is generally similar to the iPhone 6s’s, but the various connectors it uses are placed in different locations. There are other tiny design changes as well, and they’re all neatly identified in these images.

Sure, there’s no confirmation that leaked images show an actual iPhone 7 component, or that we’re looking at a final design of it. However, these leaks are definitely unsurprising considering that Apple’s supply chain has been providing early access to iPhone and iPad parts for years.

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at some point in September, with a new 4-inch iPhone likely to be unveiled much sooner. Recent rumors hinted at major design changes for the iPhone 7, including a waterproof design and no standard headphone jack.