Set for release on December 18th, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is well positioned to set a slew of new box office records. In fact, some are anticipating that the latest addition to the Star Wars film franchise will generate upwards of $1 billion in profits.

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen new video footage from the film hit the web in bits and pieces, ever so slightly building up anticipation and excitement among fans of the film all across the globe. And in case you missed any, we even highlighted a 4-minute video supercut which encapsulates all the footage that has been released so far.

And now, in an effort to further drum up interest and excitement, Entertainment Weekly today published a series of 27 exclusive photos from the upcoming movie.

Some are from the film itself while others are behind the scenes shots. Regardless, you’ll definitely want to hit the source link below and check them all out.

Below is one of Harrison Ford to get the ball rolling.