Siri got off to a rocky start in the early days. Apple decided to launch its voice-powered digital assistant as a beta and as a result, many people had bad experiences with Siri from the get go. Now, Siri remains an afterthought for a huge percentage of iPhone and iPad owners. Even people who do use Siri likely only use a small fraction of the service’s capabilities.

The truth is that Siri has grown to become an outstanding and comprehensive service with more features than any one user will ever discover. While it’s certainly impressive, Siri’s broad range of functionality also poses a problem: How are users supposed to know what Siri features might suit them best if it’s so difficult to even discover all of the things Siri can do?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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There will never be one website, app or any other type of resource that lists every single thing Siri can do. There are just too many features to lump them all into one space, and that’s especially true now that iOS 9 has ushered in new partnerships behind the scenes and new ways to string questions and commands together.

As it turns out, Apple has a special page on its website dedicated solely to showing off all the best questions you can ask Siri, as well as all of the best commands you can give Siri.

For example, did you know you can ask Siri to show you photos in your camera roll from a specific date or location? Did you know you can tell Siri to move a calendar appointment from one time to another? Did you know you can tell Siri to download a specific app from the App Store? Did you know that Siri even packs a hidden Magic 8-ball that you can bring up by saying things like, “hey Siri 8-ball, will I win the lottery?”

Definitely check out the Siri page on Apple’s website, which is linked below in our source section, for plenty more great Siri tips.

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