When Apple announced its earnings report this past July, the company revealed that its cash on hand, for the first time in history, had surpassed $200 billion. Not surprisingly, Apple’s impressive cash hoard is largely attributable to eight years’ worth of iPhone sales.

Though consumers tend to pay in the $200 range for a new iPhone, Apple actually sells it to carriers for more than three times as much. Indeed, the average selling price for iPhone price during Apple’s most recent quarter checked in at $660.

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The averag price per iPhone, however, is hardly consistent from country to country. In some instances, the pricing can vary wildly depending on a number of variables, whether it be fluctuations in currency valuations or even local tax laws. Highlighting this variance, the following infographic from WebpageFX details how much an unsubsidized iPhone costs in different countries across the world.

As illustrated in the chart below, an iPhone is cheapest in Canada and most expensive in Brazil. As for affordability — which measures the cost of an iPhone against a country’s average income — the iPhone is most affordable in the United States and South Korea. Conversely, the iPhone is least affordable in Indonesia, the Phillipines, and India.