Two months after launch, that new car smell of Grand Theft Auto V on PC has begun to fade, but there’s still one PC-exclusive feature that is providing creators with countless hours of entertainment: the Rockstar Editor.

We’ve talked about the in-game video editor in the past, most recently when we found the Full House credits faithfully remade within the world of Los Santos, but this latest discovery might even trump the classic ’90s sitcom.

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On Tuesday, YouTube user Mitch L shared his latest Rockstar Editor creation — a shot-for-shot remake of the No Country for Old Men trailer using characters, environments and assets from the world of Grand Theft Auto V. It’s not nearly as funny as Full House, but it is an impressive showcase for what can be done in the editor.

You can watch the GTA V version of the trailer below:

And then watch the theatrical trailer to see how the remake compares to the original:

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