Samsung’s first virtual reality headset is fantastic, but it has a big problem — and it’s the same problem that impacts all virtual reality devices. In these early days when most people haven’t yet experienced VR headsets, there’s simply no way to convey just how great the experience is. You really have to try it to see how amazing and immersive the experience really is.

So, to help emphasize that and to get more people interested in giving Gear VR a try, Samsung posted a video to its YouTube channel that shows just how impressed people are when they first try Gear VR.

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“Oh wow!”

“You’re really immersed in it.”

“Holy moly!”

“I want to do this every day. I’ve never experienced anything like this.”

Those are just a few of the responses you’ll see in the video. And trust me — I’ve used it several times and it really is that great.

The full video is embedded below.