If you’ve never cracked the screen of your phone before, you probably know someone who has. It’s one of the unfortunate facts of life that we have to put with in the modern world, but just think how much worse it would be if there weren’t people testing our smartphones to make sure they could at least withstand the shortest of drops.

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If you’re a Verizon customer, you’ll be pleased to know that your phone was thoroughly tested by the members of the Verizon Wireless Device Evaluation Lab before it made it to market.

“Rough treatment is nothing new for a Verizon Wireless device. Before being allowed on the market, the physical capabilities of every device we sell are tested repeatedly with one goal: to ensure the best wireless experience for our customers when calling, texting and connecting.”

It might be hard to believe, but Verizon actually doesn’t want you to have to pay to replace your phone before your contract runs out. In order to test the durability of a device on a two-year contract, Verizon ensures that the phone can still make calls, browse the Internet and send text messages after being dropped 100 times.

If you want to watch some of the strenuous tests that Verizon puts its smartphones through, be sure to watch the video below: