If Dr. Dre is going to fit in at Apple, he should probably learn to say something along the lines of, “We get bought up by larger technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.” Instead, however, the legendary hip-hop producer has shown up on a new video posted by actor Tyrese Gibson where he boasts about being “the first billionaire in hip-hop.” On his Facebook page, Gibson said in a now-deleted post that he shot the video in a studio with Dre “on the night his deal went public” to be acquired by Apple for $3.2 billion. Gibson prefaced Dre’s boast by saying that Dre was “drunk off of Heinekens,” so it seems the good Dr. was in a celebratory mood following the deal. You can watch Gibson’s full very-not-safe-for-work video below, which has thankfully been preserved on YouTube after being deleted on Facebook.

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