One day the well of iPhone 6 mockup images will dry up, but today is not that day. shared another set of photos on Twitter this Thursday, giving us a fresh look at what could be the future of the Apple smartphone. The first set comes courtesy of Inner Exile, a China-based smartphone case retailer. The iPhone 6 mockup appearing in the four photos provided by Inner Exile appears to be a silver iPhone, strikingly similar to the photo that we covered earlier this week. This time around, we get a closer look at the phone from multiple angles, showcasing the reworked button placement, the curved body and the larger display.

iPhone 6 Silver Mockup

The second image, which can be seen above the article, appears to give us another look at the space gray iPhone 6 mockup, which first appeared online just a few days ago. It’s apparent just how thin the iPhone 6 will be based on the leaked schematics that have led to these mockups.

Based on previous reports, we won’t see the iPhone 6 in person until this fall, but with the countless mockups and renders that have flooded the Internet recently, it’s probably safe to assume that someone has managed to create a nearly identical clone. We’re still waiting to see physical mockups of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch phone side by side.