Who doesn’t remember the 9-9-99 launch date? What about the VMU controller accessory which never took off? Sega’s Dreamcast console was the first to enable Internet connectivity through what was called SegaNet, and it was pretty mind blowing to play a multiplayer game with a friend in a completely different location over the internet (via a 56k dial-up line nonetheless). A couple of the launch titles were Sonic Adventure, Hydro Thunder, and Soul Caliber. As far as specifications went, the Dreamcast featured a 200MHz CPU, a PowerVR2 graphic chipset, 16MB of RAM, and was capable of outputting video at 480p. Unfortunately, Dreamcast was short lived and was Sega’s last foray into the home console business. It launched in September of 1999 for $199.99 and was discontinued in March of 2001 in the U.S. Following the end of Sega’s home console production, Sega has gone on to license and develop new and existing game titles for other platforms including their previous competitors.

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