Motorola making a device in more than one color? You don’t say… One of our connects sent us the above photo of the Motorola Calgary / DROID Devour / Whatever, and confirmed the specifications we posted a few months back. We also received some more feedback on the device — hit the jump for the goodies!

We’re told the keyboard was “nice” and the phone itself was “easier to use” compared to the Motorola DROID. Obviously that’s personal opinion, and maybe the BLUR OS simplifies things for some people, but the trackpad apparently is killer as a navigational input device. Oh? The device has Wi-Fi, GPS, a 1420mAh battery, but unfortunately no SIM card slot as it is not a global device. Whether the unit will come in multiple colors or not is not confirmed as these are still non-final units, we’re told, but we’d probably bet on it being available in black as well as silver. If only they kept that RAZR-keyboard