What would the world do without BGR? Well, you’d probably have a lot less broken AVAYA phones, less screaming, and just all around happier wireless executives. Oh well. We just got our hands on Sprint’s ’08-’09 roadmap, and there are definitely some goodies in here if you are a current Sprint subscriber. First up is the BlackBerry 8350i. That’s right Nextel-lovers, you’ve got a new phone to play with coming soon! Contrary to other online images of the device, it appears this BlackBerry does not have the hideous external antenna. The BlackBerry 8350i will have Wi-Fi, a 2 megapixel camera, GPS, and run OS 4.6 out of the box! Look for a Q4 release on that bad boy. For the rest of the goods including more lack-luster phones than you can count, hit the jump folks!

As you can see, the BlackBerry 8350i is based on the Curve (obviously), but you’ve got to love that internal antenna now. Wi-Fi and GPS make this the dream Berry for Nextel users. Also, you’ll be able to grab a camera-less version of the 8350i so you can play nice in restricted areas. Holla!

Let’s break down the roadmap a bit:

  • The first that looks to be coming out is the Motorola i950
  • Launching in early Q4, there’s the Motorola i576 and the Motorola i776
  • In mid-to-late Q4 there’s the BlackBerry 8350i
  • Coming up around Jan-Feb, we’ve got the Motorola “Monolith” which is some sort of entry-level SureType-type device, what looks to be a Motorola V8-type phone, and a Sanyo iDEN/GSM handset
  • Later on in Q2, there’s a Samsung music slider phone, a military-spec “Immersion” phone by Motorola, and the Sanyo Pro410.

Here are the super-large handset images, followed by a couple more slides…