This past Saturday we told you about Verizon Wireless’ plans to offer an unlimited voice option starting Tuesday, February 19. Now, additional details have emerged and it looks like Verizon is going for the gusto. $99 for unlimited voice will just be the start of Verizon’s unlimited offerings; in fact there will be six plans in total:

  • $99 – Nationwide Unlimited (voice)
  • $119 – Nationwide Select Unlimited (voice, SMS, MMS)
  • $139 – Nationwide Premium (voice, SMS, MMS, VZNav, VCAST, email)
  • $149 – Nationwide Email and Messaging (voice, SMS, MMS, and data)
  • $169 – Nationwide Global Email and Messaging (voice, SMS, MMS, and international data)
  • $199 – Family plan with two lines, $99 per additional line.

Users who opt for one of the unlimited plans will see some additional benefits as well. Namely, the soft limit of 5 GB per month for data usage is out and current customers will not have to extend their contracts to upgrade to an unlimited plan. Now it’s time for Verizon customers to break out the calculators and see if any of the new unlimited options make sense for them.