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The new features in Tesla’s upcoming software update sound incredible

Tesla Autopilot Software

When Tesla flipped the switch and activated its Autopilot software in late 2015, it provided us with a glimpse into what the future of driving would be like. And while Tesla’s Autopilot isn’t exactly perfect, it’s still more capable and advanced than anything else out on the market today.

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Now comes word via Electrek that the next Autopilot software update in the works is going to be a doozy. Said to be the biggest UI refresh to date, the report adds that the impending 8.0 software update will bring even more autonomous features to Tesla’s fleet of Model S and Model X vehicles.

While the Autopilot is not quite there yet, Tesla has been improving it with each new update and the 8.0 version brings the system one step closer to a virtually autonomous driving system on highways with the addition of automatic off-ramp with the turn signal.

Much like Tesla’s current automatic lane change with the turn signal when on Autosteer, 8.0 will allow drivers to command the Autopilot to take an exit by simply activating the turn signal.

What’s more, the new update — which is said to already be in beta testing — will deliver a “smoother experience” with respect to Autosteer and stop and go traffic. Indeed, even when the current incarnation of Autopilot works properly, the experience can sometimes tend to be a bit on the jerky side.

But what’s even more exciting is that Tesla’s vast array of sensors will be able to process, analyze and display to the driver even more information about other cars on the road. Specifically, a UI refresh to the dashboard display will not only show other vehicles on the road but will also indicate the “angle they are moving, like perpendicular to the Tesla or turning around a corner.”

On a related note, about two months ago we highlighted how the next-gen version of Tesla’s Autopilot software and hardware will help take autonomous driving to the next level. Specifically, new Autopilot hardware from Tesla partner Mobileye will be able to more readily avoid obstacles and recognize important weather conditions that can often play a role in how software interprets data.

Make sure to hit the source link below for the full rundown of changes Tesla drivers can expect to see once the company releases its latest Autopilot software update.

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