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Watch this huge combat robot play with real cars for fun

megabots youtube

Having never build a robot of any kind, I can’t say whether it’s an enjoyable experience or not. What I can say, and with utter certainty, is that this massive fighting robot sure seems to bring a whole lot of joy to its creators, and for that reason alone its existence must be celebrated. Plus, watching the intimidating beast play with a full-sized sedan like a toy is also a heck of a lot fun.

Created by the MegaBots group, this towering robot takes an entire team of people to operate, and everything from its shoulder tilt to the roll of its wrists has to be controlled independently. The bot is fixed to the ground at the moment, as the team just finished its torso and arms, but construction will continue on the legs and cockpit soon.

The robot boasts 350 horsepower and currently stands 16 feet tall, which is impressive enough as it is, but in order to embrace its true destiny it’ll need to be even larger. You see, this bot isn’t being built just for kicks; MegaBots is expected to face off against and equally insane team of robot builders in Japan, and their competing creations will actually fight in hand-to-hand combat at some point in the near future.

This most recent video shows the robot toying with a car — a Volkswagen Jetta, to be precise — using a pair of claw-like hands. However, the team says that it can be equipped with all manner of weaponry, including a devastating chainsaw attachment that is sure to strike fear in the heart of just about anyone.