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Apple’s new iPhone X guided tour video details all the phone’s best new features

iPhone X Guided Tour video

Now that the first wave of iPhone X shipments have arrived, Apple wants to make sure that new owners understand all of the ways that the iPhone X differs from its predecessors. In order to help familiarize consumers with all of the changes, the company published a guided tour video earlier today highlighting the biggest new features.

If you just got upgraded from an older model to the iPhone X, this video will serve as a great primer to all of the ways the experience has changed now that the home button is gone and the design has changed for the first time in years. And if you didn’t get an iPhone X today, you can see what you’re missing out on.

Apple starts by detailing the new gestures, which are all the more necessary without a home button. No matter what you’re doing or what app you have open, you can go to the home screen at any time by simply swiping up. If you want to see all the apps you currently have open, rather than double tapping on the home button, just swipe up part of the way and pause. You can also swipe at the bottom of an app to switch between open apps.

Those are just a few of the new gestures you can use on the iPhone X, but there are more to learn as well. Apple also covers Face ID, the new iPhone X exclusive Animoji and Portrait Lighting. Most iPhone X users will pick up on these features quickly, but for non-power users, this video is a pretty decent learning tool:

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