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The iPhone 7 might be the first iPhone with decent battery life

iPhone 7 Battery Rumor

Apple has already lowered expectations for the iPhone 7, using leaks to hint at only incremental changes. But according to one new rumor, Apple fans might finally be getting something they’ve wanted for years — a bigger battery.

According to generally reliable Twitter leaker OnLeaks, the iPhone 7 will be packing a 1960mAh battery. That’s a small but significant step up from the 1715mAh battery in the iPhone 6s, and could be enough to offer multi-day runtimes for some users.

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It’s just one rumor from a “pretty reliable” source, so this isn’t a total lock. But it would make a lot of sense. There’s a good chance that the iPhone 7 will ship without a headphone jack, something that has annoyed a lot of people.

But removing the headphone jack actually saves a lot of space in the phone’s body, space which could easily go towards more battery. The jump from 1715mAh to 1960mAh is about a 15% increase, which sounds exactly like the kind of improvement you would see by replacing the headphone jack space with battery.

Either way, a bigger battery would be a smart move from Apple. iPhones have long had lower-capacity batteries than the flagship Android devices. It’s not been a real problem for most users, but with manufacturers out of ideas for ways to improve hardware, selling the “longest-lasting iPhone ever” would be a good way to get new users on board.