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A few seconds is all it takes to make your iPhone much faster

iPhone 6s Trick Speed

The iPhone 6s is the fastest iPhone you can dream of, and you’ll realize that as soon as you’ve upgraded from an iPhone 6. The speed gains are incredible – and that’s not to say the iPhone 6 is a slouch.

However, you can make your iPhone 6s and any other iPhone running iOS 9 faster than ever thanks to a simple trick. No jailbreaks or other types of “hacks” are required. You just need to go to the Settings section of your phone as explained in a new video.

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Discovered by a Reddit user, the trick involves taking advantage of an Accessibility setting that will let you further reduce animations that play when opening apps. It works even better than the Reduce Motion feature in the same menu.

So here’s what you have to do: First, go to Settings, open Accessibility and turn on Reduce Motion. Then go back to Accessibility, tap Assistive Touch, and turn it on – this move will place a virtual home button on your screen.

Now go to your home screen, tap on the virtual Assistive Touch home button and drag it down to the bottom right corner of your display.

The next step will require a bit of repetition. Swipe down from the middle of the screen to bring up Spotlight Search. This action will move the Assistive Touch button above the keyboard. Tap the middle of the screen so you close Spotlight Search. Repeat this sequence until Spotlight Search starts appearing faster than before.

This seemingly silly procedure will make your iPhone even faster than before by taking advantage of a glitch that further reduces animations. You’ll have to rinse and repeat every time your iPhone reboots, but many people will find it worthwhile since the speed improvements are huge.

A full video showing the trick follows below, via 9to5Mac.

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