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alzheimer's blood test

A new blood test could detect Alzheimer’s before symptoms emerge

January 21st, 2019

Alzheimer’s disease is an incredibly serious late-life aliment that can have a massive impact on an individual’s quality of life and self sufficiency. The good news is that treatments can dramatically limit the damage the disease causes, but they have to be administered early in its progression. Detecting Alzheimer’s can be tricky, especially when symptoms …

coffee parkinson's

Researchers say coffee may combat two devastating brain diseases

December 11th, 2018

The past few years have brought lots of good news for anyone who considers coffee a vice. Scientists have discovered that various compounds in coffee can help fight a number of diseases including Alzheimer’s, and now a new study is putting even more weight behind the notion that coffee is very good for you. The …

flu deaths 2018

Last winter’s flu season was even more deadly than you can imagine

October 18th, 2018

For many people, flu season is little more than annoyance, but every single year thousands of people die from whatever strain of the disease is making the rounds. Sometimes the number is relatively small, with only around 12,000 to 15,000 deaths, while other years see 40,000 or 50,000 deaths, many of whom are either small …

squirrel brain disease

Man’s death linked to consumption of squirrel brains

October 17th, 2018

Hunting for your own food can be a rewarding and liberating thing, but knowing where to stop when preparing wild game for consumption is obviously pretty important. A case of a 61-year-old from Rochester, New York, is getting some attention lately as a stark reminder of that fact, as the man’s consumption of squirrel brains …