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A 75-year-old’s excellent Tweet may be the only good thing in 2016

Bernie Breitbart Tweet

The year 2016 is, objectively speaking, a temporal pile of crap that will probably be a flashback in the third Mad Max reboot. Beacons of hope are few and far between, but at 4:03 PM on the 1st of December, we caught a tiny glimpse of good.

Former presidential hopeful and current troll-baiter Bernie Sanders has been sitting on the outskirts of the new Trump administration taking potshots for the last few weeks. But when the official Twitter account of the House Science, Space Committee decided to tweet out a climate-denying article from Breitbart (there’s a sentence that adequately sums up this year!), Sanders unleashed the Bern.

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This is the tweet of a man who led a principled, positive campaign, lost out to Hillary Clinton, and is now sitting in upstate Vermont desperately trying to not say “I told you so.”