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HyperX Cloud Mix Buds review

Published Aug 7th, 2022 5:13PM EDT
HyperX Cloud Mix Buds Main
Christian de Looper for BGR

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HyperX has been a leader in the gaming headset space for some time now, but over the past few years, the company has started trying to enter the consumer space a little more. Much of that has been through products that can be used for both gaming and other day-to-day use — and the latest product to match that description comes in the form of the HyperX Cloud Mix Buds.

The HyperX Cloud Mix Buds offer Bluetooth connectivity for use with your phone, but they also support a 2.4GHz connection for use with things like your PC, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch.

Of course, there are some trade-offs though. As you might expect, the Cloud Mix Buds don’t quite have the same battery life as over-ear wireless gaming headsets. And, they’re not quite as comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you should discount them entirely. Here are my thoughts.

HyperX Cloud Mix Buds

Rating: 3 Stars
HyperX Cloud Mix Buds
BGR may receive a commission


  • Solid audio
  • Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz
  • Good battery life
  • Smart design


  • No wireless charging or ANC
  • Bass could be stronger
  • Charging case is a little big

HyperX Cloud Mix Buds design

The HyperX Cloud Mix Buds are good-looking earbuds, but they don’t exactly look all that unique. They’re built with a stem, like AirPods, however, the main bud fits better in your ears — more akin to AirPods Pro. That helps them create a seal, and ensures that they’re a little more comfortable and firm.

The earbuds are built from black plastic, with the HyperX logo on them. The plastic doesn’t feel cheap, thankfully, and it feels like the earbuds could withstand most day-to-day abuse.

Then there’s the charging case, which fits the earbuds’ overall aesthetic but isn’t necessarily the most portable charging case out there. The charging case is more than three inches wide, almost two inches tall, and an inch thick. Most people should still be able to fit it in their pockets, but not without some discomfort.

HyperX Cloud Mix Buds In CaseImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The earbuds themselves have touch controls that work fine, but aren’t perfect. The big issue I had with the touch controls is that they regularly triggered when I tried to adjust the earbuds in my ears, for example, pausing whatever I was listening to and forcing me to touch them again to continue playing.

Unlike typical wireless earbuds, there are a few other accessories in the box. Notably, you’ll get a wireless receiver that connects to your computer through a USB-C port, and can also plug into the bottom of the charging case for storage, which is very handy. There’s also a small single-port USB-C hub that you can set on your desk for the dongle, then connecting through a USB-C cable on the back of your computer or gaming console. It’s a nice addition, and works well.

HyperX Cloud Mix Buds comfort

The HyperX Cloud Mix Buds may be a little larger than some other options out there, but I found them to still be relatively comfortable. Now, some of that may come down to the shape of my ears — after all, other reviewers have had a different experience. But I was able to wear the earbuds for hours of use, without reaching any major discomfort, beyond what you would normally expect from in-ear headphones.

HyperX Cloud Mix Buds ComfortImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

I think most will be perfectly fine with the fit on offer by the HyperX Cloud Mix Buds, but it’s always important to keep in mind that over-ear headphones are more comfortable than in-ear ones. Also, it’s worth trying out the different ear tip sizes to find the size that’s best for your needs. And, while they weren’t necessarily uncomfortable, I did find that the buds loosened in the ears a little when talking or eating.

HyperX Cloud Mix Buds features

The HyperX Cloud Mix Buds come with a few features that could come in handy — but those features aren’t necessarily what you would expect from a pair of wireless earbuds. For example, you won’t get noise cancellation here, though thankfully the earbuds offer better isolation than most earbuds.

But they do offer some features that might fit the kind of buyer that would be interested in buying them. For example, as mentioned, the earbuds can connect either through Bluetooth or through a 2.4GHz connection with the included dongle. The dongle has a button on it, and pressing that button will put the buds on mute. Holding it will tell the earbuds to switch from the 2.4GHz to the Bluetooth connection. And, the earbuds have a microphone that can work both over 2.4GHz and Bluetooth — so they can be used for online gaming.

HyperX Cloud Mix Buds Dongle StorageImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Still, I would have liked to see some of the features you get on traditional wireless earbuds. Noise cancellation is perhaps at the top of that list, but support for wireless charging is another must-have feature these days.

The battery life on these earbuds sits in at up to 10 hours of continuous use, and up to 33 hours in total. 10 hours on a single charge is quite good — and longer than most will use their headphones for.

HyperX Cloud Mix Buds sound

The sound quality on offer by the HyperX Cloud Mix Buds, thankfully, isn’t bad at all. It’s not super bass-heavy, and if you like that scooped sound, you may want to keep looking.

The bass response is perhaps one of the weaker aspects of these earbuds’ frequency response. Bass is there, thankfully, but the bass extension doesn’t seem to be great and as a result it can feel a little stunted. The bass that is there allows for decently loud explosions in gaming, and solid kick drums when listening to music — but again, a little more bass, and better bass extension, might have been helpful.

HyperX Cloud Mix Buds DongleImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

The mids are pretty well-tuned though. The low mids do still feel a little underpowered, and the high mids are a little more pronounced. But the mids still felt decently flat, which is good to hear.

The highs are well-defined and crisp, making for a relatively exciting sound. The highs help ensure that things like cymbals sound nice and shimmery and that dialog sounds natural.

Generally, I wish that the HyperX Cloud Mix Buds had a deeper and more powerful bass response, but they still sounds pretty good.


The HyperX Cloud Mix Buds offer a slightly different take on wireless earbuds, and ultimately, may be better for gamers who want a single pair of headphones. Ultimately, however, if you can afford it, it may be worth buying separate gaming headphones and everyday earbuds.

The competition

There isn’t a ton of competition in this particular segment of the market — wireless earbuds that are targeted at gamers. At $150, the earbuds may well be better than much of the competition. Again, however, if you can afford to buy separate gaming headphones and wireless earbuds, it may be worth doing so.

Should I buy the HyperX Cloud Mix Buds?

Yes, but only if you specifically want a pair of wireless earbuds that you can use for gaming and day-to-day use.

Christian de Looper Senior Reviews Editor

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