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How to change your name on Facebook

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Do you want to change your name on Facebook? Perhaps you’ve recently had your name changed or simply want to add a fun nickname to your profile. The good news is that your Facebook name isn’t permanent.

Although Facebook only allows you to update your profile name every 60 days, with the tips provided in this article, you can easily pick out a new name.

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Name Change Policy for Facebook

The first thing to know before changing your Facebook name is that there are certain rules regarding the kind of names you can and can’t use on Facebook.

You don’t need to use your full legal name. However, Facebook prefers that its users use the name they go by in their daily lives.

Some of the things your Facebook names cannot include are:

  • Symbols, numbers, nonstandard capitalization, repeating characters, or punctuations.
  • Characters from more than one language.
  • Titles of any kind (e.g., professional, religious, etc.)
  • Words or phrases instead of a name.
  • Words or phrases that go against Facebook’s Community Standards (e.g., slurs, representing dangerous individuals, etc.)
  • Words or phrases that represent organizations instead of people. This is because Facebook profiles are for individuals, while pages are reserved for businesses, organizations, and ideas.

For nicknames, Facebook allows them for first or middle names. You’re good to go as long as the nickname you want to use is a variation of your actual name.

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

For Desktop

  • Head to in your desktop browser, and click the down arrow at the top-right corner of the screen.
Down arrow
  • Select “Settings & Privacy,” then tap “Settings.”
Settings to change your name on Facebook
  • Click “Name.”
  • Enter the new name you want to replace with the old one. Then click “Review Change.”
Review change to change your name on Facebook
  • Enter your password, and click “Save Changes.”
Save changes

For Mobile Devices

  • Launch the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone.
Facebook app
  • Tap the three stacked horizontal lines/Menu icon (bottom-right corner for iPhone, top-right corner for Android.)
Menu icon
  • Scroll down to select “Settings & Privacy” in the list provided. Then, tap “Settings.”
  • Tap “Personal and account information”
Personal and account information
  • Select “Name”
  • Now enter your new name and click “Review Change.”
Review change
  • Put in your Facebook password, and click “Save Changes.”
Save changes to change your name on Facebook

Good job! Remember that you can only change your name once every 60 days, so be sure of your choice before completing the process.

Steps to Adding a Nickname to Your Facebook Profile

  • Open the Facebook iPhone or Android app.
  • Tap the three stacked horizontal lines/menu icon (bottom-right corner for iPhone, top-right corner for Android).
Menu icon
  • Select “Settings & Privacy” in the list provided, then click “Settings.”
  • Tap “Personal and Account Information,” then “Name.”
Select Name to change your name on Facebook
  • Under the “Other names” section, select “Add a nickname, a birth name….”
Add a nickname, a birth name...
  • Tap “Name Type” and choose “Nickname” from the drop-down menu.
Choose name type to change your name on Facebook to a nickname
  • Finally, tap “Save.”
Save to change your name on Facebook

Note: You can also follow these steps to change your Facebook name on a mobile browser or the Facebook Lite App.


Why can’t I change my name on Facebook?

If you’ve tried changing your Facebook name to no avail, it might be because you’ve changed your name in the last 60 days or have tried changing it too frequently. It could also be because your name does not follow Facebook’s name policy.

How do I force Facebook to change my name to one name?

To set a single name on Facebook, connect to a VPN and proceed to Facebook app settings. Then, remove your last name, and it’s done. You will now have a single name on your profile.

Can I change my name on Facebook without notifying everyone?

Yes, you can. Simply go to “Privacy” in Facebook app settings. Then, tap “See more privacy settings.” Under “Your Activity,” select “Edit” next to “Who can see your future posts.” Change the picklist option to “Only me,” then change your Facebook name following the steps provided above.

How can I change my Facebook name before 60 days?

If you’ve already changed your name and can’t wait until the next 60 days to change it again, here’s what to do. Select the “Personal and Account Information” menu in the general account settings, then the “Name” menu. A notification will appear, letting you know you can’t change your name till the next 60 days. Click “Learn more” and fill out the name change form to complete the process.

Can you use a fake name on Facebook?

It violates Facebook rules to impersonate another person on Facebook knowingly. Therefore, you cannot use fake names on your account.

Can people still find you on Facebook if you change your name?

Yes, people can still find you. Changing your name in the Facebook app does not affect your existing followers, direct messages, or replies. When you change your Facebook name, your followers will simply see a new username next to your profile photo.

Can I have two Facebook accounts?

No, maintaining more than one personal account is against the Facebook Community Standards. To represent your business, organization, brand, or product on Facebook, you can create and manage a Page using your account.

How long does it take for Facebook to approve a name change?

It may take approximately three days for your name change request to be approved by Facebook.

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