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Video: Just in time for the Super Bowl, T-Mobile unleashes best ad yet

T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad

To indoctrinate more Americans into its “Uncarrier” cult, T-Mobile has enlisted the help of Tim Tebow, the legendary college football quarterback who really, really, really wasn’t cut out to be a passer in the NFL. T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ad released on Friday plays on the fact that Tebow hasn’t received a contract offer from an NFL team since being cut by the New England Patriots in August and has him talk about the benefits of going without a contract for his wireless company. The ad shows that Tebow has been able to do more productive things with his time without a contract this year, including helping deliver a baby, tracking down Bigfoot and addressing the United Nations. At the end of the ad, T-Mobile plugs its latest “Uncarrier” initiative and says that “Contracts are limiting… switch to T-Mobile and we’ll buy you out of yours.” The full video follows below.

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