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Steve Jobs responds: "There is no reception issue"; tells users to "Stay Tuned"

Updated 4 years ago
Published Jun 27th, 2010 10:58AM EDT

The iPhone 4 antenna issue has turned into a daytime drama and PR debacle worthy of Maury Povich. On one side, you have iPhone owners who are causing a bit of  a stir by documenting and discussing the signal attenuation issues observed when holding the left side of the iPhone 4. On the other side is Apple’s fearless leader who is trying to defuse the situation with calming words conveyed via email. The latest turn of events in this saga has Steve Jobs proclaiming via email that “There is no reception issue” and admonishing folks to “Stay tuned”. Could this be a thinly veiled reference to the curative iOS 4.01 update that is rumored to land on Monday or does Apple have something else up its sleeve?