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Video: This is Samsung’s $30,000 luxury doghouse

Samsung Dream Doghouse Video

Everyone loves their pets… but do they love them enough to buy them a house that costs more than $30,000? If you do then Samsung has what looks like the most incredible doghouse the world has ever seen.

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Samsung recently posted a video showing off the Samsung Dream Doghouse it designed for the Crufts dog show in the U.K. this month. The house has an absurd number of amenities for your pooch, including a FieldTurf-covered treadmill, a “rejuvenating” hydro pool to help them recover from long bouts of exercise and an automated feeder that will dispense kibbles at the press of a button. The house even comes with a separate “relaxation” area where your dog can watch video provided by a Samsung tablet mounted on the wall, as you can see here:

Photo credit: Samsung

CNBC informs us that the house, which cost around $30,600 to make, will not be for sale but will instead be “available as a prize in a competition across Samsung’s social media channels.” So while your dog may be looking on with envy at Samsung’s creation, the chances that he’ll actually get one are sadly very small.

Check out the full video showing off this incredible luxury doghouse below.

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