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Motorola Xoom hands-on [Video]

January 8th, 2011 at 9:40 PM

Ready for some quality time with Motorola’s new Xoom tablet? The folks from the big glowing red M sat down with us this afternoon and provided a bit of a sneak peak into the world of the Xoom tablet. While the Android 3.0-based device wasn’t running a fully functional version of the new OS, we did have a chance to get a sneak peak at some of the upcoming device’s capabilities. Much of what this thing can do is tied directly to what Android 3.0 can do, which is to say… it can do a whole lot. Video conferencing, integrating Skype, tabbed browsing, and that’s just the beginning. Moto re-iterated Verizon’s claim that all devices initially sold with the 3G chip will be hardware-upgradeable to the new 4G LTE chips as soon as they become available. All it will take is a quick trip to your local Verizon Store to have the device serviced. Ahh, if only all devices were that future-proof. Hang tight for our video to upload — it’s coming!

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