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Live from Nintendo’s E3 keynote!

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 7:17PM EST

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That’s right folks, it’s finally time to sit back and watch as Nintendo unveils the console we’ve all been waiting to see: the next-generation Wii. Nintendo’s Wii has been an absolute blockbuster for the storied Japanese gaming giant. The company has sold nearly 90 million Wii consoles to date, but sales have slowed significantly over the past few years as the Wii began to show its age. With features like full HD gaming and controllers with built-in touchscreen displays, Nintendo’s next-gen Wii 2 will be an effort to recapture the early success of the Wii… but can Nintendo manage to appeal to casual gamers and hardcore gamers with a single console? Hit the break for our live coverage of Nintendo’s E3 keynote to find out!

1:18PM:That’s it for us folks! Mad house rushing out of here to check out the new gear. Thanks for joining!

1:15PM:“In short, at home, or onsite here in LA, you’ve got incredible new game worlds to explore this week. ON behalf of all of us, thanks for your attention today, and let the exploration begin. Enjoy the show.”

1:14PM:“I want to conclude this morning by asking you to consider four platforms. Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. Each is unique, but they share a common pedigree: it’s called, innovation. The two screens and touchscreen of Nintendo 3DS changed gaming. The motion controller of Wii changed gaming. Last year in this theater you found out that glasses-free 3D could change gaming. And now, there’s WiiU. This week you’ll have a chance to hold WiiU’s new controller in your hands and find out what happens when a second window opens to your world. Our presentation this morning is just the beginning. The experience begins right now, whether you’re hear in the theater or at home.”

1:14PM:There will be hands-on with 8 WiiU experiences at the convention center, which we’ll definitely be checking out!

1:12PM:“We can’t wait to see EA games on this new system.”

1:11PM:“We’re changing games from the thing that you buy to a place that you go. It’s a better platform than we’ve ever been offered by Nintendo.”

1:11PM:“We look forward to seeing great new EA content” on the new controller. “Imagine a shooter like Battlefield with Jaw-dropping graphics brought to you on a Nintendo system – that breakthrough controller.” Imagine those games with an open online functionality” for downloading additional content.

1:09PM:CEO of EA John Riccitiello is now on stage.

1:09PM:“This is just the first pass. We’ve got a lot to look forward to when they arrive in final form.” “It can satisfy all tastes.” “We have invited Electronic Arts to join us on stage.”

1:08PM:Ninja Gaiden will also be making an appearance. Seriously we’re blown away here, this looks like a totally new way to game.

1:06PM:Now we’re seeing some demos of those games. The graphics look great, particularly in Ghost Recon Online.

1:05PM:EA sports also coming to the new console.

1:05PM:Developers see it as a way to make games they were never really able to make before. Darksiders II will be on the console at launch, as will a version of Tekken. Batman Arham City will launch. Assassin’s Creed is coming, too. Ghost Recon Online ( Tom Clancy’s), too.

1:03PM:“These are prototypes not just actual games.” “Nintendo will publish Lego City Stories” for the WiiU. Lego City Stories, a new open-world game packed with action, humor, and a whole city of Lego vehicles, is coming exclusively to WiiU and Nintendo 3DS. “Developers all over the world see a vast promise in WiiU.”

1:02PM:“Something that looks like Super Mario Brothers Wii is being called New Super Mario Brothers Mii. Your Mii plays right alongside Mario and you can watch the action on either screen.” “There’s a new “Chase Me” form of multiplayer. That world looks different if you have a Wii remote or another controller. If you have the new controller you have a birds-eye view of those chasing you.” This seems odd to us, we’ll have to see it live to see what Nintendo means here.

1:00PM:We’re supposed to be seeing a demo of what it can do but it’s basically just a video of a bird flying. Are we missing something here?

12:58PM:This week we’re providing tangible proof [this works]. In the convention center we’ll find 8 different experiences. They aren’t prototypes, just interactive demonstrations.

12:58PM:Nintendo will be making Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS and WiiU to work together on both platforms. Wow that’s amazing – lots of applause. Smash Brothers will be developed for both and will work together in some fashion. “This is a product for the future, but here in LA there’s WiiU software to play this week.”

12:56PM:It’s up to developers to decide how they want to use the controller. Nintendo thinks there won’t be a shortage of ideas. Our vision will include numerous ways to play.

12:55PM:This can include web browsing using hte big screen to share photos and videos found online, or enjoying video chat while watching a TV program. “It’s a new structure for home entertainment” The most important factor for gamers is how this structure can be implemented into gameplay.

12:54PM:“It was not designed to be a portable gaming system” even though it shares some of the same characteristics. Data is wireless transmitted without latency issues. You can play with your HDTV in the traditional way, or you can place the controller by itself on a table and play smaller games without the need for a TV at all. Games can be structured to use two screens at the same time. We saw an example where people played baseball, golf, and others.

12:52PM:All Wii games, controllers, and accessories can be used with it. With Wii Fit, it can display your weight. In gaming, you can access more controls. It will land in 2012. It has ZR, ZL, L, and R, buttons for standard gaming, but also a circle pad, and two control pads. It also has a gyroscope, an outward facing camera, and an accelerometer. “We created it so that the widest variety of games can be supported.

12:50PM:The controller has a 6.2-inch touchscreen built-in.

12:50PM:You can browse with it, share content to your television, draw on it. Control parts of games with it even (like attributes for a character in Zelda). Video chat. Wow.

12:48PM:You can use the new controller for a ton of stuff — working with Wii Fit in your hands, or even putting it on the ground and using it as a golf tee. It’s amazing! Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Wow.

12:45PM:It’s a system we will all enjoy together. It’s tailor made for you.There’s a brand new controller! Touchscreen. Looks like a tablet.

12:45PM:“You might remember how the Wii name began to make perfect sense when you heard it as “We.” It was clear how much fun “we” all had playing together. But in thinking about a new Nintendo system, we knew the prevailing thought would be this: yes the game will be right for all of us, but will it be a perfect fit for you? The answer is absolutely. We’re so convinced of it, we put the pronoun in the name. SO today, welcome to the world, Wii U.

12:45PM:Perform the simple system update and you’ll only need a couple of clicks to find the Pokedex. “It’s our gift to you.” “Nintendo 3DS means social, connection, it redefines interaction, and it delivers it all with a full 3D display.”

12:44PM:You can assembles scenes of Pokemon together, save them on an SD card, and load them onto a PC to share with friends. It will be available exclusively through the eShop from Nintendo.

12:43PM:The biggest download news for 3DS concerns one of the biggest franchises in history: Pokemon. For the first time it will spring to life in 3D. Owners of Pokemon Black and White. When you start Pokedex on the 3DS you’ll need to collect data via Spotpass, receiving from friends, or by scanning AR markers. Basically, your 3DS will become a Pokedex. Fans will love this.

12:41PM:We’ll get classic titles from Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and older consoles throughe VIrutal Console. For a limited time we’ll get 3D Excitebike. That game is 27 years old!

12:41PM:This week’s update will unlock 10 different 3D trailers and game demos will be available later this year.

12:40PM:“The library of games coming to 3DS is unprecedented. Downloading the new eShop and browser will move you beyond anything Nintendo has offered digitally before.”

12:40PM:“It’s time to show you more of third party developer work.” We’re seeing Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Ace COmbat 3D, Tetris, Cave Story 3D (lots of cheers), Resident Evil: Revelations (more cheers), Driver Renegade, Pac-Mac and Galaga Dimensions, Tekken 3D, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D (cheering). Wow. We’re impressed.

12:38PM:Lots of applause after the Louigi Mansion 2 demo. “It’s not a simple revision. It’s an entirely new game making extraordinary use of 3D and features not just 1 but several new mansions.”

12:37PM:Kid Icarus will use the augmented reality cards for conducting battles. It will be in retail later this year, and will also allow 3 v 3 multiplayer battles. Now w’e’re seeing Louigi’s Mansion 2.

12:35PM:Kid Icarus: Uprising will also be landing on the system. I’m actually blown away by the quality of some of these renders. Nintendo 3DS launched with a so-so game offering and these titles should definitely bring gamers back for more.

12:34PM:Nintendo is building Mario ground-up for the 3DS. It looks stellar and we’ll be able to play it by the end of the year.

12:32PM:Mario Kart for #DS looks awesome — there was driving under water, crazy effects, big wheels, even a hanggliver attached to the kart. This is definitely a title I’m picking up ASAP. It will be available this Holiday season.

12:32PM:We just watched a great demo of the new Mario Kart 3D game (out before the holidays), and now he’s introducing the new Star Fox game, which will launch this September.

12:28PM:We’ve got 5 key ones to show you this week. On the show floor you’ll see these games in full 3D. On stage, we can only offer you 2D versions. First is Mario Kart – but now it’s a tricked out version!

12:28PM:“You want comfortable, and you want surprise.” “Is it fair to ask, is it even possible to deliver, something for everyone?” This is what we are aiming for with Nintendo 3DS. That’s coming in several ways.

12:27PM:lots of applause. Now Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo America is on stage.

12:26PM:We just saw a quick Starfox demo – what we’re seeing looks awesome although it doesn’t appear to be real gameplay. Instead, just renders.

12:25PM:This year there are bold new experiences coming to Nintendo 3DS and other franchises. Other areas are moving into 3D as well.

12:24PM:The full details will be coming later this morning (lots of laughter).

12:23PM:We’re about to hear about Nintendo’s new home platform. “Deeper and wider.” The new platform will provide deeper game experience in even what the most passionate gamer has realized before. They will also be wider, appealing to the complete range of gamers.

12:21PM:Nintendo’s global president Sotoru Iwata is on stage now.

12:21PM:The Zelda team thanks all of its fans around the world and the symphony is playing.

12:19PM:There will be a legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time CD as well as a Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary concerts. That will be released along with Skyward Sword.

12:18PM:Legend of Zelda Skyward sword will be available this holiday season. There will be Legend of Zelda Symphony concerts around the world.

12:17PM:In September, on Nintendo DSi, the four-player co-op Four Swords will be available as a free download.

12:16PM:On DSi in September, Legend of Zelda Four Swords will become available as a free download.

12:15PM:Starting next weekend the Legend of Zelda 3D for the Nintendo 3DS will launch around the world. The graphics have been revamped.

12:15PM:The legend of zelda links awakening is the first title in the gameboy color console lineup – can download it today around the world by the day’s end

12:14PM:For Zelda’s 25th anniversary, there will be a new game for each of Nintendo’s consoles.

12:13PM:Sorry guys, a little technical difficulties — they have an orchestra playing various jingles from the new Legend of Zelda game right now. It’s pretty hilarious.

12:12PM:Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Legend of Zelda is on stage.

12:12PM:We’re watching a long video clip of Zelda 25th anniversary edition. Looked awesome!

12:05PM:Lights are dimming down and lots of cheering!

12:04PM:Thought the music died down a bit there but it was a false alarm. Hoping we get started in just a few minutes.

11:58AM:Music still playing, we’re just hanging out here waiting for the show to get on the road. Nintendo’s posting some trivia up on the display.

11:47AM:Ok we’re all seated here in the Nokia theater. Tons of folks in the house.

11:43AM:Ok guys, we’re making our way through the line to get into the keynote now… just passed through security.