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Jon Stewart bids farewell to Fox News by torching them one last time

Jon Stewart Fox News Adios

Jon Stewart will be missed by millions of people… but likely not by Fox News, the cable news network that has been a frequent target of Stewart’s derision. Stewart on Monday kicked off his final week as host of The Daily Show by doing what he’s done so well over the past 17 years: He torched Fox News for perhaps the final time.

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What set Stewart off was Fox News’ reporting that he had met with President Obama several times during his tenure in the White House, which Fox spun into a narrative about Stewart being a lackey for the Obama administration. Stewart then proceeded to run a giant montage of all the times Fox News gleefully reported that Stewart had taken shots at the White House, most notably over the infamously botched Obamacare website roll out.

“My hunch is that this show has been harder on the Obama administration and this president per capita than you ever were in your eight years of Bush finger banging,” Stewart said. “Adios, motherf—ers! Boom!”

Check out the whole video below.

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