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Video: Wannabe stuntman dumps fire ants on his genitals… and pays the ultimate price

Fire Ants Bite Penis Video

It’s never a good idea to pour fire ants on your genitals, no matter how big a YouTube sensation you want to become. This warning is sadly too late for a man in Thailand who did just that and recorded his painful experience, complete with intense screaming, on video.

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As you’ll see in the clip below, fire ants aren’t really happy being disturbed, and they apparently can bite pretty hard. Entomologist Justin Schmidt explained in a post on iO9 how it feels being bitten by a fire ant. The pain is “sharp, sudden, mildly alarming. Like walking across a shag carpet and reaching for the light switch.”

This pain is likely more intense when it happens in a particularly sensitive area… like this wannabe stuntman’s penis when it gets furiously bitten by multiple scared ants looking to escape.

Just see it for yourself below – and never, ever, put fire ants on your genitals.

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