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Digital TV switchover to be delayed; you may still have time

If you’re an avid BGR reader, you’re probably all set to go for the switch to digital TV but if you’ve been slacking for whatever reason, there could be some good news for you. After a lot of bickering, the US Senate has just passed a bill to extend the switch from February 17 to June 12. Even though there was plenty of warning, lots of folks felt that February was just too soon and so the proposal for a delay is one step closer to being passed. Of course the bill still must make it through the House and the desk of the the President. For those who received a $40 coupon (to aid in the purchase of a digital converter box) that expired or is soon to expire, a new coupon can be requested should the bill pass. Seriously though, with the June 12 deadline and tax refunds on their way… Well, you know what we’re getting at. Now that the ultimate relief may soon be given to the nation’s biggest procrastinators, it’s time to get on the digital bandwagon folks.