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Amazing video shows NASA astronauts placing a GoPro inside a floating water bubble

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GoPro cameras have brought us a lot of incredible footage taken here on Earth this year but now these wondrous little cameras are boldly going into outer space as well. NASA has posted a video of some astronauts on the International Space Station creating a floating water bubble while in microgravity and then inserting a GoPro camera inside it and having it record footage from within the bubble.

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The footage of astronauts elongating and compressing the water bubble is particularly cool as it looks like something out of the James Cameron film The Abyss. The camera remains functional throughout the whole process and takes some cool shots while fully submerged in the floating bubble.

The whole video is worth watching and can be found below.

And if you have access to 3D glasses, you’ll definitely want to check out the 3D version of the video, which we’ve posted below.

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