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8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free for a limited time (save $78!)

Updated 4 years ago
Best Free iPhone Apps

We’re starting off February with a bang on Monday, bringing you a terrific list of paid iPhone and iPad apps that are currently on sale for free. It would normally cost you $78 in total to download all of the nifty apps on today’s list, but each and every one of them is on sale for free right now for a limited time. As always, these sales could end at any minute so be sure to hurry up and grab anything that looks appealing as soon as you can.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Handy Photo

Normally $2.99.

***** “What does it do? Everything… quickly and easily. It’s really awesome!“ – Life In LoFi

***** “Handy Photo is an absolute must buy that delivers an amazing photo editing package…” – AppleNApps

***** “For the features and performance delivered, the app is a must have for all iOS device users who enjoying photo editing.” – ePHOTOzine
Welcome to creative photo editing!

Handy Photo was designed for those with a strong passion for photo editing. The app is a perfect choice when it comes to correcting and enhancing photos from all possible angles.

* Making tonal and color adjustments globally and locally *
Improve the general look of your photos by performing both global and local tonal and color corrections in them. With a few taps and swipes only, turn your images into vivid and vibrant works of art.

* Retouching photos with ultimate ease *
Remove unwanted content from your photos in a tap. Mobile image retouching has never been so fast and easy.

* Moving objects from photo to photo *
Is it possible to move any object within a single photo or to another image in just a few taps? The answer is yes when it comes to the Move Me tool. With it, you can do the impossible – move objects in photos to the locations they would never move to in real life.

* Applying filters to images partially *
With the Handy Photo’s powerful photo filters, which include Black and White, Bleach Bypass, Color Standout, Cross Process, Dramatic, Duotone, Fog, Glow, Golden, HDR, Halftone, Ink, Lomo, Old Photo, Polarization, Polaroid, Sepia, Sketch, Smart Contrast, Tilt-Shift, Tiny Planet, Vignette, and Vintage, you can add whatever artistic effects wanted to your images. The filters are all adjustable and, thanks to the partial application feature, can be easily combined within photos.

* Adding textures to photos partially *
Apply the Handy Photo’s terrific textures to your images to make them truly pop. You can select from the following categories of textures: Abstract, Cloth, Clouds, Frost and Ice, Grunge, Paper, Water, and Wood. All the textures can be adjusted to taste and applied to photos partially.

* Uncropping photos in a unique way *
The tool is called Magic not accidentally. It allows uniquely uncropping photos. No other app can do that. Moreover, it allows straightening crooked horizon lines in photos without sacrificing their original size.

* Adding attention-grabbing frames to images *
Before showing your photo to the whole world, it’s quite important to appropriately frame it. The Handy Photo’s excellent collection of frames serves just that purpose. Put the final touches on your photos by adding the following frames to them: Autumn Leaves, Carton, Film, Glass, Grunge, Lace, Paint Splashes, Pencil Sketch, Photo Album, Polaroid, Retro Photo, Sea Shell, Torn Paper, and Vintage.


– Global and local tone and color correction options
– Partial application option in Filters tool
– Advanced retouching technology for mobile platforms
– Move Me technology for smart objects extraction and moving
– Magic Crop tool with unique photo “un-cropping” function
– High-quality textures and frames
– 100% size image editing
– Up to 36 MP image support
– RAW format support
– Optimized for multi-core and GPU processors
– Stylish and intuitive UI

Supports all iDevices, including iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c, iPod touch 4th Generation and newer, and all iPads.

5 MP – iPod touch 4th Generation / iPad
10 MP – iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s / iPod touch 5th Generation
15 MP – iPad 2 / iPad mini
36 MP – iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s / iPhone 5c / iPad 3 / iPad 4 / iPad Air
The images of the resolution higher than maximum allowed will be automatically resized.


Download Handy Photo

AirDisk Pro

Normally $1.99.

AirDisk Pro allows you to store, view and manage files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can connect to AirDisk Pro from any Mac or PC over the Wi-Fi network and transfer files by drag & drop files straight from the Finder or Windows Explorer.

AirDisk Pro features document viewer, PDF reader, music player, image viewer, voice recorder, text editor, file manager and support most of the file operations: like delete, move, copy, email, share, zip, unzip and more.

Support MS Office, iWork, Text & HTML
An ability to in app create your own audio playlist with repeat, shuffle, background playback and remote control from multitask.
Files transfer between PC/Mac with password protected.
Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, Zip, Unzip, UnRAR, Create File and Folder.
File sharing with other iPhone/iPad devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection with automatic search of nearest available devices around you.
Drag and drop files upload via your PC/Mac web browser or USB via iTunes File Sharing.
Built-in text editor that allows you to edit your text files or source codes on your iOS device.
An ability to create text files, image captures, video records, voice recordings and import pictures from photo library.
An ability to protect your files from viewing by others.
Use your fingerprint to unlock AirDisk with TouchID support. (iOS 8 only)
iCloud Drive, Dropbox & Google Drive.
This app is developed for both iPhone and iPad, you need to purchase only once.

– Able to in app create audio playlist.
– Plays all MP3 files from a folder as a playlist.
– Repeats and shuffles songs.
– Supports background audio playback.
– Supports Audio Remote Control from multitask.

– Audio (WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIF, AIFF, AAC)
– Movies (MP4, MOV, MPV, M4V)
– iWorks (Pages, numbers, and Keynote)
– Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
– RTF (Rich Text Format)
– RTFD (TextEdit with embedded images)
– PDF Documents
– Plain text
– Source code
– HTML web pages
– Web archives

Please visit to our website for video demo

Download AirDisk Pro


Normally $3.99.

OnTop is a Calendar and Task Manager application for your iPhone. It combines your tasks and events together so you’ll never miss a thing. It’s synced with your iPhone’s Calendar and Reminders apps.
• Simplified Schedule: OnTop lets you see your schedule like you never did before. With a 2-weeks view above the list of your next items, you will always know what’s your schedule looks like.

• Add items using natural language: Just type “Cycling with Michael at Ridge Parkway Sun at 5” and OnTop will create that event for you. You can also add a task using natural language. For example, “Send finance report tomorrow at noon”

• Task Manager: OnTop is a powerful Task Manager that lets you easily manage your iOS Reminders. Manage your lists, start a new project, add a location-based task, or simply add a task with a due date. Everything is possible with OnTop.

• Great Month View: You can extend the 2-weeks view to a full month view SEAMLESSLY by just swiping down inside it. The month view is a great way to check how’s your long-term schedule looks like.

• SWIPE FOR EVERYTHING: In OnTop, everything is a swipe away. Need to reschedule that task? Just swipe to the left. Need to copy that event? Simply, swipe to Reschedule, Copy or Delete that event.

• No Need to Enter it all Again: Since OnTop fetches your events from the built in Calendar app and your tasks from the Reminders app, the moment you will open the app – everything will be there!

Download OnTop


Normally $4.99.

With iSafe – Secret Folder app you can safely hide and protect your personal information of any document format without having to frequently lock your iPhone / iPad / iPod. This app guarantees reliable protection of your private photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, passwords, PIN codes, scanned document copies, and credit cards.
In addition, iSafe – Secret Folder app will provide you with the photo of the hacker at the time of the hacking attempt and indicate the location of the hacker on the map, thus allowing you to conduct detailed monitoring of every unauthorized attempt to hack or even search for private archives.

√ Security
* Protective PIN code system.
* Dot Lock
* Digital or letter password
* False password that gives access to incomplete file archives.
* Reports on hacking attempts with hacker’s photo, location on the map, and time.
* Disc lock
* App block for a set period of time (5-10 min) when the password has been entered incorrectly for 5 times (or any other user-specified number of times)

√File Manager.
* File Manager, convenient transfer of files: drag files just by pressing and holding the icons. Create your own custom folders for storing files.
* Store private photos and videos, taken from the app or imported from device’s photo gallery, or downloaded from Internet.
* Player for audio files of Red Area format and PDF document viewer.
* Use stored files:
* Export and save files to device’s PhotoRoll.
* Send files via sms messages, Twitter, email, Facebook, add to Contacts.
* Print files.

√ Private web-browser
* Use up to 8 Internet pages simultaneously.
* Download images, video, audio, and text files (pdf, txt, doc, rtf, xls, ppt).
* Bookmarks and history.
* Send files to pages on most popular social networks.

√ Storing contacts.
* Import existing contacts and create new ones.
* Make calls, send sms and email messages by touching appropriate buttons on app display.

√ Notepad and private notes storage.
* Detailed archiving of notes.

* Additional app to save personal documents, such as ID, driver’s license, health insurance card etc.
* Save bank cards info.
* Save photos of documents and bank cards.

√ SMS Lock
* Safety of personal messages. Ability to create separate folders for messages and send messages function.

√ DropBox
* Send, sync, and save photo and video files, bank cards’ and documents’ photos to DropBox.
Secure document storage and advanced intruder detection techniques are available today. You will get it all and much more in iSafe – Secret Folder app.

Download iSafe


Normally $1.99.

MedPlus is a revolutionary application that allows the user to keep track of his or her medical information. This data includes blood readings, calorie intakes, physical activity, and other notes.

– Customize reminders for medication intakes
– Track information and organize it using hashtags
– Free cloud support and storage
– Use your “” account and import info
– 24/7 Support
– Dropbox and iCloud Support
– Customizable health journal and log

MedPlus is a great app for both young people and older people. Kids and teens can keep track of what they eat, and the medication they take. Elderly people and adults can use MedPlus to see how much they exercise and record blood readings. After a certain number of blood glucose entries, the user can view a Blood Glucose Deviation Level.

The user can save the information FREE in the cloud where it is safe. Reports can also be exported in a .csv or .pdf file format.

At the end of everyday, your daily information is organized into a beautiful easy to read list.

For More Information Visit –

Download MedPlus

007’s Vidicon

Normally $9.99.

007’s Vidicon – Spy Video Camera can record video by concealment. Now you can record video without looking like a paparazzi.

There is 5 overlay modes for recording video:

1. Video Mode: Use Camera to record video in background when playing the movie.(supports mp4/mov/m4v file)

2. Audio Mode: Use Camera to record video in background when playing the music.(supports mp3 file)

3. Black Mode: Complete black screen, no screen display for recording.

4. Web Mode: Use Camera to record video in background when browsing the internet.

5. Book Mode: Use Camera to record video in background when reading the book.(supports txt/rtf file)


Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th generation) and iPod touch (5th generation). Requires iOS 5.1 or later.

Operational Uses

Recording in a public place not caring others.
Recording school lecture by parts quietly.
Recording in a concert hall, or play theater without disturbing others.
Record crime scenes secretly.
Pretend to be a secret agent, play a practical joke or impress a friend.
You can use in various uses.


– 5 overlay modes for recording: Video Mode / Audio Mode / Black Mode / Web Mode / Book Mode
– Password Lock Support
– Store the recorded video in a private password protected secret folder
– Copy the recorded video to computer via iTunes file sharing
– Fast recording possible

Download 007’s Vidicon


Normally $49.99.

StudioFlow is the easy way to manage your photography studio, stay organized and get paid.

In StudioFlow, you can see a list of all your photo sessions, organized by date and marked on a calendar, so that you can see at a glance when you are booked and when you might have availability. You can also see when you have ordering sessions scheduled with clients.

For every session, there is a list of tasks to complete. You don’t have to create these tasks— StudioFlow intelligently creates them for you based on a workflow that you set up. So it already knows that the day after your portrait session, you want to post a sneak peek to Facebook for your client, for example.

Keeping track of dozens of sessions and hundreds of tasks would be almost impossible with a regular calendar or to-do list app. StudioFlow makes it easy.

And one more thing you’re going to love. When you book a session, there’s a one-tap way to send an invoice by email to your client. And they get a super simple and secure way to pay you online with a credit card.

Use StudioFlow to:

• Customize an efficient workflow for your photography business, including steps for client communication, session tasks, editing, ordering and fulfillment.
• Easily book new photo sessions and have a list of tasks created for you automatically
• View details of a photo session, including completed and upcoming tasks
• See a list of all tasks that need to be completed today, tomorrow or next week, across all sessions
• Complete tasks by checking them off any to-do list, and they move to a section for recently completed items.
• Send invoices to clients that can be paid online via credit card (you’ll need a PayPal account in order to receive payments)

Download StudioFlow


Normally $1.99.

When you discover something you want to remember later, track it on WorthIt. From names to locations to things you want to do !

— How many times someone has recommended you a restaurant/book/wine but later you have difficulties remembering the name or its location? It’s very frustrating, isn’t it?

— While preparing your next trip, do you ping in a map all those shops/restaurants/hotels you’ve read about and you wanna go?

— How do you share these findings with friends in a private way?

Spend just some seconds in creating a “WorthIt”, and recall it later searching by name, friend, trip, dates or favorites.

• Twelve diverse predefined categories ready to use (Bars, Restaurants, Shops, Entertainments, Books, Movies, Music, Brands, People, Drinks, Hotels, Miscellaneous).

• Private sharing: Send one or multiple “WorthIts” directly to your friends. The imported ones will be highlighted for easily recognition.

• Calendar view.

• GPS edition, for tracking places in advance or at a later stage.

Make the most of your life. RECALL WHAT IS WORTH IT !

Download WorthIt

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