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3 unbelievably awful reasons to not buy the Apple Watch

Published Apr 7th, 2015 10:54AM EDT
Apple Watch Sales
Image: Apple Inc.

Apple’s first entry into the wearables market also happens to be its first entry into the luxury goods market, and it looks like the company will start things off with a bang. The Apple Watch is easily the most hotly anticipated smartwatch the world has ever seen at this point, and early sales expectations continue to climb ahead of the device’s April 24th release.

Of course, the Apple Watch isn’t for everyone and there are plenty of perfectly good reasons to avoid buying one. What follows, however, are three reasons that are not perfectly good. In fact, they’re downright awful.

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Daily Finance on Tuesday published a post titled “3 Reasons You’re Not Buying the Apple Watch This Month.” It is… not a very good post.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with suggesting that people avoid buying the Apple Watch and as I mentioned, there are plenty of perfectly sound reasons to pass when it goes on sale in two weeks.

For example, the device might not offer functionality that appeals to you, or perhaps the styling isn’t to your liking. Obviously you’ll also need to skip the Apple Watch if you don’t use an iPhone and don’t plan to start using one.

I’m not even sure yet whether or not I’ll buy one myself. The thought of leaving all of my conventional watches in their cases and switching to a device that’s going to vibrate on my wrist every 45 seconds with each incoming email is unsettling, to say the least.

There are plenty more great reasons where those came from. And then there are these three reasons:

1. “The Battery Life Is Weak”

I have seen plenty of people make this argument, and I cringe each and every time. “Folks may be used to charging their smartphones every day or every other day, but it may be a tall order when it comes to a piece of wearable jewelry,” Rick Aristotle Munarriz wrote in his post on Daily Finance.

As something of a watch fan, I have owned more than two dozen different watches in my lifetime. They have varied in size, shape, functionality and styling. They have all had one thing in common, though: Regardless of which watch I choose to wear each morning, I take it off at night before I go to bed.

Ok, they had two things in common, since they all told time.

I have yet to see anyone make a reasonable argument explaining why taking your watch off each night and placing it on a charging dock is in any way more of a hassle than taking your watch off each night and placing it on your dresser, night stand or in a winder.

The reason I have yet to see anyone make a reasonable argument is that there is no reasonable argument to be made. It’s the same thing.

There is one catch though, and it applies only if you’re interested in using the Apple Watch to track your sleep. Obviously, that won’t be possible if it’s on a dock charging instead of on your wrist. In this case, you’ll have to charge it during the day while you’re working at your desk, for example, or you’ll need to use a different device to track your sleep.

2. “The Price Is High for a Nonessential Gadget”

Really? This was a terrible argument when the iPad was first released and it’s a terrible argument for the Apple Watch as well.

There are precious few gadgets that can be considered “essential,” and yet the consumer electronics industry is one of the biggest in the world. Why is that? All these nonessential gadgets racking up tens of billions of dollars in sales each month…

The Apple Watch is, without question, a nonessential gadget. It also starts at just $349. Is that price really so high? It’s a beautifully crafted timepiece packed full of technology and capped with a class-leading force touch display. How much should this sleek, cutting-edge device cost?

3. “Apple Will Put Out a Better Model Soon”

Perhaps simply to ensure that we end on a low note, the third and final reason “You’re Not Buying the Apple Watch This Month” is a time-tested favorite of contrarians around the world.

“A better one will come out next year.”

Yup, it’s true. We don’t know the Apple Watch’s refresh cycle but at some point in the next year or two, a new version of the Apple Watch will be released. It will, in all likelihood, be better than the first-generation model. As such, you should definitely not buy the first Apple Watch.

You should also stop purchasing computers, televisions, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, multimedia devices, toasters, microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners, cars, sneakers, toothpaste and anything else that stands to be improved with time.

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