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Android fans vent about what they hate most about Lollipop

Published Jan 13th, 2015 10:50AM EST
Android 5.0 Lollipop Worst Features

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No new operating system is perfect and even though Android 5.0 Lollipop has been largely well received, some Android fans aren’t liking some of what they see in Google’s newest mobile platform. Over at Reddit’s Android community, Redditor christmas_ape made a list of things that he didn’t like about Lollipop and the one that seems to have gotten the biggest “Amen!” from the Android faithful is his condemnation of Android’s new heads-up notifications feature.

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The feature was designed to give you notifications that let you take actions without having to open up apps. However, Reddit’s Android fans say the feature doesn’t work nearly as well as advertised.

“When [heads-up notifications] come up you have to deal with them right away or wait 10 seconds for them to disappear, no in between,” writes christmas_ape. “If there was a way to swipe up and not dismiss them that would be mildly better. But right now I’ll be in Chrome and about to switch tabs and then I get a text message that I need to reply to eventually. So I just sit there for 10 seconds because I do not want to reply to it at this very second and I also do not want to forget that I have an unread message. This happens in almost every app since most apps have an Action bar at the top.”

Other Android fans piled on in the comments, even though they many of them said that they loved Lollipop overall.

“I love Lollipop but Heads Up Notifications are the bane of my user experience,” wrote one. “I cannot stand them! Such poor execution. Ugh. They’re so f—ing annoying and obnoxious. Basically back to the early years of iOS when notifications were annoying pop-ups in the middle of the screen.”

From the sounds of it, it seems many users wish Google had stuck with the way KitKat handled notifications and made them less intrusive. We’ll be interested to see how Google reacts to this feedback with future software updates.

Be sure to check out more of Android fans’ gripes about Android 5.0 Lollipop by clicking the source link below.

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